Sort the fact from the fiction

There are many myths about caesarean birth, and the popular press often perpetuate these to achieve sensational headlines.

It can also be the case that as women talk to each about birth experiences, incomplete or inaccurate information can be inadvertently passed on. One person’s negative experience can so easily paint this important procedure in a terrible, light.

It is so incredibly important to check information, ask questions and challenge responses before making a decision about the way in which you prefer to give birth. Taking on board second-hand information without questioning it, means some women face birth knowing next to nothing about caesarean birth. As a result they risk missing out on opportunities to make their experience a positive one.

  • Did you know, putting your gown on backwards means you can try holding baby skin-to-skin during surgery?
  • Did you know a breech position does not mean you must automatically have a caesarean delivery?

Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery blows the myths out of the water. It also dedicates entire chapters to the preparation for and recovery from caesarean birth. There are even whole appendices on the risks and benefits of both vaginal and caesarean birth to help in your decisionmaking. All data has been reviewed by a team of midwives and obstetricians and we are confident the information is accurate and reflects the latest research.