I haven’t checked Amazon for a while to see the latest reviews. It was a lovely surprise to see several new ones, all which had such lovely, positive things to say.

Thank you readers, I am glad it is proving so useful to so many.

Here are some of the comments that have just made my day:

Franca: “I read this book from cover to cover – it is the first unbiased, non judgmental, evidence based book I have ever read on the subject. An absolute must-read for anyone who might end up with a caesarean e.g. basically everyone who is pregnant! Brilliant book.”

Mazi: The book is written in a very non-judgemental way and its only agenda appears to be to inform and support women (and birth partners). I certainly felt much more knowledgeable after reading this book. I would definitely recommend `Caesarean Birth’ for all mums to be, especially as despite being an outcome for many women it is so often given only lip service at ante-natal classes. I particularly liked the chapter on recovery as it gives excellent, practical advice on what to expect afterwards and how to cope, even if your section wasn’t planned.

Anonymous Amazon customer: Fantastically informative guide to c sections, all you need to know to be prepared.

Jennifer: Brilliant prep before I had my planned c section. Felt much calmer as having read this.

Agnieszka: “You only need this one book if you are considering an elective C-section or you need one for medical reasons. Finally facts not old women’s tales about the procedure. Also no breast feeding ‘propaganda’ in this book which is a nice change from other publications.

Helen: This book was really helpful with my decision on whether to have a c-section second time round. Definitely worth reading before giving birth.