Ideal gap between caesareans – new research

A new study by Soroka University indicates that there may be reasons, other than risk of scar rupture, why a longer interval between caesarean births is ideal. Up to now recommendations have suggested that a gap of 15-18 months or more be planned to reduce the likelihood of scar rupture during subsequent pregnancies. However Kessous et al discovered during their review of 3176 births between 1988 and 2010 that in fact scar rupture was no more likely in any of their groupings (less than 12 months, 13-18 months and more than 18 months gaps).

However they did find an increased likelihood of premature birth in the group of women who had a second caesarean within 12 months of the first. This risk was 12%  whereas those who waited longer had only a 5% risk.

Premature birth has significant implications for baby in particular. Low birth weight and the immaturity of baby’s lungs are just two of the complications that can occur and the earlier the baby arrives the more likley they will need assistance in a SCU (Special Care Unit).

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