Birth Trauma Association review ‘Caesarean Birth: A positive…’

“This is one of the most balanced books on caesarean section that I have ever read. It is practical, evidence based and unique in that it looks at the caesarean issue from all the perspectives; those who want a caesarean; those who want to avoid one and those who have had one or will need one. It examines the physical and emotional dimensions and provides invaluable and detailed information on the risks of caesarean versus vaginal birth and how to recover quickly.

An absolute must read because as Leigh East, the author, points out in Chapter 2 ‘a caesarean is the possible outcome of every birth’.”

Caesarean book recommended by Maureen Treadwell of the BTA review of ‘Caesarean Birth: A positive…’ have reviewed the book “At last, a book that has turned a c-section into a positive birthing experience!  It is so important for women and their families that a c-section is no longer seen as a negative or a dreaded last resort. This book has turned those opinions on their heads.

Leigh writes in a straight forward, easy to understand manner and has taken a much needed positive approach to caesareans.  She has a refreshingly ‘real’ and honest approach to preparing yourself for the procedure and the recovery.  There are also some excellent chapters on how the surgery can affect partners, and also how to make the surgery itself a more special and fulfilling birthing process.

This book empowers women to feel in control of their birth experience, and the importance of that is vital.  I cannot recommend this book more highly and wish I had read it myself during my own pregnancy.  This book should be read by all expectant mothers, and also healthcare professionals who can unfortunately skirt around the issue, leaving women mentally and emotionally unprepared for such an event.” Alison Palmer (Editor

Birth Trauma Canada – book review

Birth Trama Canada have reviewed my book “…She also provides many compelling reasons to understand and prepare for a caesarean birth even for those planning a vaginal birth as an unplanned caesarean is a common end to many planned vaginal births.  She rightly believes that realistically preparing for a caesarean birth, even while planning a vaginal birth, allows women greater control of their birth experience should circumstances dictate the necessity of an unplanned caesarean. “

Book contributors – many thanks for your support

A wonderful network of specialists – midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists, have participated in the development of my book. I am confident everything you read is accurate and based on up-to-date research.

My thanks to:

  • Dr Philip J Steer BSc, MD, RCOG Emeritus Professor, Imperial College London, Consultant Obstetrician, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital London
  • Fiona Knox MB ChB, FRCA, MD – Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Debbie Rhodes Registered Midwife RM (Hons)
  • Dr Lena M. Crichton, Consultant Obstetrician Aberdeen Maternity Hospital
  • Dr Bryan Beattie MD FRCOG – Consultant in Fetal Medicine and Director of Innermost Secrets Ltd, Cardiff
  • Dr Fiona Schneider FRCOG, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  • Kim Hughes BSc (Hons) Registered Midwife RM
  • Maureen Treadwell – Co-founder of the Birth Trauma Association
  • Penny Christensen – Executive Director Birth Trauma Canada
  • Chris Warren – Registered Midwife RM
  • Christa Greenacre – NCT teacher (retired)
  • Professor James Drife FRCOG

‘Groundbreaking’ – book review

“This book is seriously good. It contains pretty much everything that a mother to be would need to know about caesarean birth and presents the wealth of carefully researched facts in a really practical way. It addresses the issues without any agenda other than to put women and their partners in the best position to make choices and have informed (and therefore empowered) discussions with the professionals. Every aspect is covered with total respect for the fact that every woman will have her own preferences, hopes and fears concerning the possibility of a Caesarean. There is not the slightest hint of any prejudice about what type of birth a woman ought to prefer. There is a chapter for partners too. It is written in a very lucid and straightforward style. If you are wondering which book to buy about Caesareans, get this one!” by Ms Knox Amazon reviewer talking about Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery