Vaginal birth after a previous caesarean (VBAC) is increasingly popular and increasingly available to women, assuming they know about it. Practitioner recommendations and poor previous birth experiences are just two of the factors leading many women to assume that they need a caesarean next time round. Two of the four most common reasons for having a repeat caesarean currently are previous caesarean and breech. In actual fact both are a matter of opinion and individual circumstances rather than an indisputable indicator for caesarean delivery.

Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery dedicates whole sections to the question of VBAC – its benefits and risks and offers lots of information and ideas on how to try and avoid a caesarean. For further reading the author has taken the time to assess and list those resources that are particularly informative on this subject.

We believe that for many women a VBAC ought to be a valid choice assuming, as when expressing a preference for a planned caesarean, that such a preference is grounded in realistic expectations and balanced information.

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