Preparation is key

Which ever way you give birth it is important you understand the risks and benefits of your preferences and have a realistic perspective on birth with all its possible outcomes. Investigating all modes of birth and recognising that there is only so much you can control on the day is important and preparation is key to achieving this. Caesarean Birth: A positive approach to preparation and recovery suggests that the better informed you are about birth and interventions  the more capably you can express opinions about the progress of your care, increasing the possibility of viewing your delivery positively and ultimately better managing your recovery.

A study led by Joanne E Lally from the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University stated that “If women are well prepared during pregnancy , then they are more likely to have realistic expectations of the levels of pain, less likely to feel a failure and have increased confidence, which in turn can lead to a more positive experience. Women may have ideal hopes of what they would like to happen, but they need to be educated or informed to ensure that they are prepared for what might actually happen and give them the tools to deal with this.”

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