csectionsupport.co.uk review of ‘Caesarean Birth: A positive…’

csectionsupport.co.uk have reviewed the book “At last, a book that has turned a c-section into a positive birthing experience!  It is so important for women and their families that a c-section is no longer seen as a negative or a dreaded last resort. This book has turned those opinions on their heads.

Leigh writes in a straight forward, easy to understand manner and has taken a much needed positive approach to caesareans.  She has a refreshingly ‘real’ and honest approach to preparing yourself for the procedure and the recovery.  There are also some excellent chapters on how the surgery can affect partners, and also how to make the surgery itself a more special and fulfilling birthing process.

This book empowers women to feel in control of their birth experience, and the importance of that is vital.  I cannot recommend this book more highly and wish I had read it myself during my own pregnancy.  This book should be read by all expectant mothers, and also healthcare professionals who can unfortunately skirt around the issue, leaving women mentally and emotionally unprepared for such an event.” Alison Palmer (Editor csectionsupport.co.uk)

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