Clinical Director NHS England says – stop focusing on CS rates!

For too long, healthcare providers have been concentrating on optimum caesarean rates, this despite the fact that nearly 10 years ago the World Health Organisation retracted their recommendations as there was “no empirical evidence for an optimum percentage”.

Now the Clinical Director for NHS England – Matthew Jolly – joined the fight by stating that caesarean rates should not have targets set as these can lead to “all sorts of unfortunate consequences.”

Attempting to artificially driving down the caesarean rate is dangerous. Over half the litigation costs in the NHS are still in obstetrics many of which relate to birth outcomes which could have been avoided if a woman’s concerns or wishes had been respected.

  • 47% of maternity units set target rates
  • 50%+ are graded on whether they encourage natural births

Cost is the major factor driving these targets and where cost is considered above a mother and/or baby’s safety, bad decision are going to be made and bad advice is going to be given to mothers.

NICE guidelines clearly state women should be able to make an informed choice about how they give birth. But targets like these are reducing options and we are regularly contacted by women at their wits end, wanting to know how they can challenge the advice given by their carers which they believe to be compromised.

But, is the tide turning? We are working with the Care Quality Commission to understand more about women’s caesarean experience, feeding into the development of this year’s Care survey. Watch this space to see whether such statements are actually reflecting a change in the behaviour of our Trusts.

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