Call the Midwife star opts for planned caesarean


A well known TV star (Helen George) from Call the Midwife has revealed she made a positive, informed decision to have a caesarean in an NHS hospital, stating it should be a valid choice for any woman.

“Helen George called for a national conversation about C-sections, saying they can be a positive choice for women and should not be restricted to medical emergencies…I’m not against natural birth, I’m pro whatever you feel is right for you.” (Radio Times)

While George reveals that the impetus for an alternative to natural birth arose prior to pregnancy as a result of her exposure to negative birth stories and themes while working on ‘Call the Midwife’, she says she went on to balance the fear with “lots of research” and decided that “if [she] ever got pregnant, that’s what [she] would do”. (Radio Times)

We wish her and her family all the best for her adventure into motherhood.

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