Natural Caesareans – A UK trial

At long last there is a trial of the pioneering proceedure commonly referred to as a ‘Natural Caesarean’. Jenny Smith a senior midwife at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London developed the idea 10 years ago. There are many annecdotal benefits to the procedure and women report a much better experience of caesarean birth if they have been able to give birth this way. It is hoped that a successful trial will lead to this process being rolled out across the NHS.

We discussed this wonderful technique a while ago and there is an excellent video describing the process.

“It is about the mother. After the incision is made, the curtain is removed and the mother is able to see her little baby wriggle out. It is a special moment that is missed otherwise…The baby remains in the abdomen for up to four minutes and the mother can look at it, see its little face and eyes, and when it wriggles out it is the parents that first determine the sex.” Jenny Smith

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