Radical childbirth – One doula’s perspective

A very interesting article in the F-word (written by doula – Amity Reed) discusses the extent to which our culture both reveres and fears childbirth and questions how this happened. Reed asks “How did we get to this place, where giving birth is something to be survived and suffered instead of something in which many women can find a sense of empowerment, accomplishment and joy?”

She believes “we are on the cusp of reclaiming birth as an awesomely powerful and completely normal event.” But what is really striking for me about this article is that Reed emphasises the importance of informed choice for everyone. “It does not mean only advocating for natural birth either, but informed choices, real choices and the autonomy that birthing women and their partners deserve, regardless of what kind of birth they choose or end up having.” This positive and balanced approach is crucial as we strive for greater levels of fairness and safety in our maternity service. “It means we hold women in such high esteem and reverence that we trust them to make sound decisions for themselves, their babies and their families.”

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