Baby Centre – Articles tailored to caesarean recovery and excellent forums for meeting women with similar experiences.

Birth Trauma Association – A charity and lobby group supporting women through traumatic birth experiences. There’s also a useful article on understanding your medical notes and associated acronyms.

BLISS – A charity and lobby group supporting families of premature babies, with local support groups (UK).

Cesarean debate – A blog providing news and opinion on maternal request caesarean births. It offers readers the opportunity to get involved in this controversial debate, whatever their view may be.

Csections Recovery – An excellent site with lots of ideas and advice about recovery and a list of online forums.

Csections Support – An online forum for women and their families that have suffered trauma as a result of having a c section.

Counselling Directory – An organisation offering listings for counselling services and specifically to search for those counsellors specialising in pregnancy and childbirth related difficulties in your area (UK). There are similar service providers world wide a Google search will list these.

Doula UK – A charity offering excellent support in locating and defining the role of your doula. – A fantastic resource, giving you access to reviews of the latest research and comment on the elective caesarean debate.

Jentle Birth – An organisation committed to supporting positive birth e=xperiences, recognising that it is equally important that the caesarean experience is as a positive as possible too. The actively promote the idea of ‘natural caesareans’ – a process aimed at making the birth feel as natural as possible.

La Leche – An international organisation offering breastfeeding support.

Mumsnet – By parents for parents. It has discussion groups and articles on many issues around parenting (as well as pregnancy and birth).

Obstetric Anaesthetists Association – This leaflet covers the practical aspects of anaesthesia for caesarean births and includes the pros and cons of regional and general anaesthetic as well as post-operative analgesia.

Stillbirths and Neonatal Death Society (SANDS) – A charity and lobby group offering help and practical advice on what to do and how to cope as bereaved parents.

Talk about Twins – An excellent site offering practical advice and information about coping with twins, not only through pregnancy and birth but as toddlers and throughout their school years.

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